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Biggest Little Port in the World

The Port Williams Park, located on Highway 358 across from Centennial Drive, is a safe and friendly place for kids of all ages to gather and play.
Play structure

The park includes a play structure for children 2-12 years, swings (for babies as well), some stationary pieces and a tire swing.

The hard-surface court is used for basketball and ball hockey. Trees, benches and picnic tables donated by villagers line the short walking trail.

In the summer, the park is home to the Valley's only permanently located StoryWalk. StoryWalk allStoryWalk is what happens when you cross an energetic story with a walking path. Each page of the book is replicated onto a sign with a suggestion underneath for a fun physical activity related to that part of the story.

When it gets too hot or in the case of a sudden downpour, the Lions sun shelter provides protection from the elements. This pavilion was the 40th anniversary project of the Port Williams and District Lions Club. 

Sun shelter
Adults will appreciate the ample parking and seats around the perimeter of the playground which make it easy and comfortable to relax and yet keep an eye on their children.

Visit our donor garden to see the many organizations and individuals who made this park possible. Donor garden

The Port Williams Park – built by the community for all to enjoy.

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Village Commission Meetings
21 May 2024
07:00PM - 08:30PM

Village Commission Meetings
18 Jun 2024
07:00PM - 08:30PM

Village Commission Meetings
16 Jul 2024
07:00PM - 08:30PM

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