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Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI)
Custodian / Janitorial / Building Services
Village of Port Williams
January 2023

The Village of Port Williams is seeking expressions of interest from qualified persons to perform regular cleaning and general maintenance of the Port Williams Community Centre.

About the Village:
The Village of Port Williams is governed by a commission consisting of 5 commissioners who are elected for three-year terms. Day-to-day operations are performed by a permanent village staff. Village services include water and wastewater service, recreational programming, sidewalks, fire protection, operation of the Village Community Centre, and more.

About the Community Centre:
The Community Centre is a mixed-use building that includes the Village Offices, Fire Hall, Public Library, Port Williams and District Lions Club, and community rental spaces, including a large auditorium, medium sized multi-purpose room, and a small youth room.
Community rental space is used by a mixture of long-term rentals, such as clubs and community organizations, as well as one-time rentals such as wedding receptions, parties, and business meetings.
Due to the nature of the Community Centre operations, there may be activity in the building from early in the morning to late in the evening, seven days a week.

Anticipated Scope of Work (May vary):
- Maintenance of flooring and stairwells (sweeping, moping, stripping, waxing / polishing as needed)
- Vacuuming doormats
- Cleaning windows
- Ensuring all washrooms are clean and stocked with supplies (There are seven small washrooms and two large washrooms in the building).
- General dusting / surface cleaning of walls, handrails, doors, fixtures, furniture etc.
- Collecting garbage / recycling / cigarette butt containers
- Regularly inspecting building for issues such as leaks, stains, cracks in walls, or other signs of deterioration and reporting as necessary to the Village Office.
- Monitoring budling services and ensuring regular maintenance schedules are followed, including systems requiring specialized services (e.g. boilers, plumbing system, electrical, etc.)
- Minor repairs (e.g. patching walls, painting, unclogging sinks and toilets etc.)
- Replacing parts (e.g. doorknobs, lightbulbs, ceiling tiles, dispensers, or other items that may be damaged or in need or replacement).
- Ensuring storage spaces are kept clean and orderly, including supply closets, maintenance rooms, and the auditorium chair/table storage area.
- Ensuring doorways (including fire exits) are kept clear of snow and debris
- Other general maintenance needed
This list is not exhaustive and may vary depending on contract or staffing option selected
Who may apply:
The Village will accept expressions of interest from individuals as well as contract cleaning / building management companies.
- Individuals may be hired on as staff, with wage and benefits. Individuals may submit a resume and cover letter, including salary expectations.
- Contractors should outline their fee schedule and anticipated costs.

Transitional period:
The current custodian has operated with the Village under a long-term contract. The Custodian is retiring his position after many years of service. It is our desire that prospective custodians agree to work with our current custodian to review key components of the Community Centre systems and cleaning standards. The Village will continue to retain the services of our current custodian during the transition period to ensure the new custodian is ready and able to take over care of the building.

Please submit expressions of interest / resumes by:
- In person at the Village Office during business hours, Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 1:00pm, 1045 Hwy 358 (lower level), Port Williams.
- After hours, drop in the Village drop box adjacent to the Community Centre Main entrance.
Please submit by Friday, February 10, 2023
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